Prebuild Cabling

Prebuild Cabling

Prebuilt from your Cable Schedules

We take your “cable schedules” and can populate the cable lengths for you (if required).

All our wiremen are very experienced and will be able to identify any error they encounter on a wiring schedule and system drawing.

You can be assured that if there are questions relating to information supplied, you will be informed as soon as possible (either by phone or by email).

We always test pre-made cables and ensure that they match the Issued Cable Schedule. All cables are “cut to length” on a dedicated “hip height” production line.

Change Control

We know from experience that as designs mature, there will be changes which may impact on prebuild work (that’s already in progress).

To help both us and our client maintain documentation of these changes, we always keep the “master” cabling documentation up to date, whilst retaining historical versions for reference (as it may be that a change can re-use some already manufactured parts – with minimal changes needed).

Full Equipment Rack Prebuild

Our large premises (7,200 sq/ft) allow us to do the bulk of rack or desk wiring “in house” to reduce the amount of installation time required on-site.

Secure Premises

We understand the costs involved with both cabling and prebuilt units.

Our premises are monitored both on-site and off-site by dedicated security systems: both intruder alarm and cameras.


We have our own delivery service for those customers located in London and the South East.

For clients “further afield” (and abroad), we can arrange delivery though a (specialised) courier service.

Premier Cabling Installation Provided in UK

Large Premises for Prebuild Cable Production

Experienced Wireman Available for Onsite Support